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ECONOMIX is a carpet collection that comes with a number of special features and benefits, making it an ideal flooring solution for challenging environments that require resilient, hardwearing flooring with superior performance, without the compromise on colour and design. Special features include an anti-microbial coating 'mædical™ i-Link™', a textile impervious membrane 'Ti' , ECONYL regenerated fibres, along with the added benefits of soiling and stain resistance, colour and light fastness and easy to clean fibres.


Sustainable Yarn

The ECONYL yarn used to create ECONOMIX is an important factor contributing to the integrity and resilience of the carpet and goes a long way in determining the overall performance of the product. Certified as ‘33 heavy-commercial use’, ECONOMIX has been constructed using a locked in heat set fibre, providing added reassurance that in the most demanding environments ECONOMIX will continue to deliver outstanding value. Using a Solution dyed fibre ECONOMIX can withstand intense commercial cleaning, with added benefits including colour fastness, soil and stain resistance and sound impact absorption.

Manufactured using pre-and-post consumer waste, including abandoned fishing nets, makes ECONYL 100% sustainable, helping to reduce the amount of waste materials in our oceans, resulting in a cleaner and safer environment for the many marine mammals.

For further information on the benefits and special design features of the ECONOMIX range and ECONYL, download our guide below.

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Advanced Antimicrobial Technology

mædical™ i-Link™ is a permanent antimicrobial coating applied to the carpet fibres to eliminate any harmful bacteria. The coating is specially designed to deactivate microorganisms when they come into contact with the carpet fibres and is ideal for all sectors where consumers value a healthier working environment with increased protection from cross infection and sick building syndrome.

Benefits of the treatment include a reduction in the smells created by yeast and fungus, elimination of dust mites (a major accelerant in respiratory disorders), and an added protocol in the reduction of harmful bacteria that can lead towards MRSA.

For more information download our guide on mædical™ i-Link™ below.

Download Section Guide

Setting the standards
for sustainable design

The BRE environmental assessment method is the most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings and sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design.

The ECONOMIX collection will soon be joining the rest of the danfloor ranges with full BRE certification and cradle to grave Eco-point scores. We aim to achieve a certified A+ Green Guide rating giving you confidence that our products and services will perform as expected. Our ratings reflect how we monitor the environmental impact of our products and provides independent verification for the work we have undertaken to enhance the environmental credentials of our products.


'Ti' Textile Impervious Backing

The textile impervious 'Ti' backing used on the ECONOMIX range is manufactured to conform to the latest standards in impermeability and is specially designed to guarantee protection against sub-floor contamination. The impervious membrane, situated beneath the carpet substrate and above the textile backing, prevents surface liquids from reaching the sub-floor, preventing subfloor contamination.

Compatible with underfloor heating systems, with no need for an underlay, makes ECONOMIX a cost effective flooring solution ideal for all environments.


15 Year Wear Warranty

So confident in the long term performance and durability of the ECONOMIX range we are offering a 15 year wear warranty, giving you peace of mind that a carpet from us will provide long-lasting superior performance. Designed for heavy contact commercial environments, ECONOMIX offers a robust flooring solution able to withstand high levels of traffic and intense commercial cleaning and is built to last.

CE Mark

CE Mark

Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 2011 it has become mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any products covered by a harmonised European Standard (hEN) or European Technical Assessment (ETA).

The CE marking on our products demonstrates that our carpets have been assessed and meet the requirements of the applicable EC Directives to be placed on the market. It provides you with confidence that our products are judged to meet basic work requirements which include safety in case of fire and mechanical resistance.

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