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The product specification page offers a comprehensive technical specification for the ECONOMIX range and highlights key performance stats to help you when producing detailed project specifications.

Design Pattern Identification 3890
Method of Manufacture Broadloom Tufted Cut Pile
Gauge 1/10"
Primary Backing 100% PP Woven
Pile Fibre 100% Polyamide ECONYL SD frisé Heat Set
Pile Weight / m2 Ca. 1150 gram
Pile Height Ca. 6.00 mm
Total Pile Weight / m2 Ca. 2550 gram
Colouration Solution Dyed
Number of Tufts / m2 Ca. 255,000
Product Width Ca. 4.00 Mts
Anti Bacteria Treatment mædical i-Link
Backing Ti BAC (Textile Impervious)
Classification EN 1307

33 Commercial - Heavy
Wear Guarantee 15 Years
Castor Chair Suitability A Continuous Use
Flammability Cfl-s1
Earthing Properties 10*9 Ohm
Electrostatic Properties < 2kV
Acoustic Insulation / Impact Noise Ca. 28dB A
Thermal Resistance 0.94 Tog
Installation must be carried out by an approved carpet installer in accordance to BS5325:2001.

15 Year Wear Warranty

This product is accompanied by a 15 year wear warranty giving you reassurance that it is fit for purpose and built to last.

'Ti' Impervious Membrane

The impervious membrane on this product stops liquids reaching the sub-floor, preventing sub-floor contamination.

Sound Absorption

Economix will help reduce noise impact levels and improve the acoustics within a working environment.

Light Fast

Colour will remain bright and vibrant and will not fade from exposure to light.

Stain Resistant

The fibre used within this carpet makes it resistant to soiling and staining.

Maedical i-Link

Economix is coated with an antimicrobial treatment killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria, including those that cause MRSA.

Broadloom Carpet

Available in 4.00 Metre width broadloom.

Econyl Solution Dyed Fibre

The fibres in this carpet are solution dyed to enhance and maintain colour.

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